Network for the prevention of discrimination and support for LGBT persons formed

Network for the prevention of discrimination and support for LGBT persons formed

The signing of the Memorandum of understanding in Kragujevac secured the creation of the Local network for the prevention of discrimination and support for LGBT people. Kragujevac after Belgrade, Pančevo and Novi Sad, is the fourth city in Serbia in which the Memorandum was signed, and this example will be followed Subotica, Niš and Novi Pazar.

It is a two-year project under the title " Network Change for Serbia`s LGBT Community" that stimulates political dialogue and implementation of international and European standards in this field. The project is implemented by the organization "Labris" with financial support from the US Agency for International Development. The memorandum was signed by representatives of social and health care, educational institutions, the police and the prosecutor's office, local government, the National Employment Service, the Youth Office, the Ombudsperson and civil society organizations.

On behalf of the City of Kragujevac the Memorandum was signed by Stefan Nikezić, Deputy Mayor for the advancement of youth who on this occasion stated that Kragujevac is a large and modern city, where there is no room for discrimination and homophobia. We are witnessing the efforts of the Serbian government is investing to join the EU. This includes the fulfillment of certain conditions, one of which is the respect of basic human rights - said Nikezić.

According to Lidija Đorđević, from the NGO “Atina”, the Memorandum will ensure better coordination of the relevant factors in the prevention of discrimination, its monitoring and the elimination of the consequences. Our wish is that all of us, through education, work to build a society of tolerance, where we are ready to accept diversity without prejudice.

Aleksandra Gavrilović, on behalf of "Labris" expressed her satisfaction with the signing of the Memorandum, because, as she said, LGBT people face discrimination, humiliation, insults and often physical attacks on daily basis. This kind of promises made by the country stating that it will stand behind us and protect the rights of LGBT persons is a major step. The establishment of local multi-sectoral networks and the involvement of different stakeholders is a step towards improving the respect for human rights.

National, religious, political, sexual and other preferences cannot have an impact on the treatment of people in any sphere of life, because human rights apply to all people without exception, stated Gordana Damnjanović, City Council member for health and social care, and added that the new inter-sectoral network is similar to the network that has been existing in our local government for years, and it is the network on the prevention of domestic violence. Bearing in mind the experience of inter-sectoral cooperation in this field, this Memorandum is only an upgrade of previous examples of successful work.